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Servicing Cherry Creek
Eco-Rides USA will operate in a specific service area, from 6th Avenue to Cherry Creek Drive North and University Blvd to Colorado Blvd 

A Community Amenity
Eco-Rides' mission is to be a free version of Lyft/Uber that provides point A to point B connections for residents, last mile connections for commuters, and luxury rides for visitors - all within the Cherry Creek area.

Eco-Friendly, Safe Carts
Eco-Rides USA are street legal, luxury golf carts equipped with full doors, windows, heat, air, security cameras and more to make a luxury comfortable ride.  They will run year-round (when there’s no snow or ice) from from 10am-10pm.

Community Impact
Each cart will be equipped with security cameras that will serve as additional eyes and ears for the Cherry Creek area, as well as for the Denver Police Department.  Additionally each cart has GPS and trip tracking devices to expand on the communities carbon footprint and will be tracking emissions reductions for the service area.

You Know what?

If only 500 people per day use Eco-Rides USA to ride 2 miles a day (JUST 2 MILES), our air will save 14,600 grams of carbon monoxide and 2,200 grams of hydrocarbon pollution.  That’s 182,500 people, 365,000 Miles 5,329,000 grams of carbon monoxide, and 803,000 grams of hydrocarbon pollution. 

Per mile driven via automobile, 73 grams of carbon monoxide and 11 grams of Hydrocarbon-monoxide are released as pollutants into the air.

The population of Denver Metro is approximately 3 million people.  If  5% of that population can take an Eco-Ride by 2022 instead of using a car for just 2 miles a day, imagine the impact on the quality of our air, not to mention the quality of life by breathing the clean air.