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What is mobile Eco-Rides USA advertising? The definition of mobile advertising is advertising displays installed on a passenger transportation vehicle and advertising spots that run on television monitors and or display screens installed inside the vehicle for passengers to view when riding in an Eco-Rides USA service vehicle (i.e.,Eco-Rides USA Digital television and or Display Advertising)

Eco-Rides USA advertising is great for reaching all types of demographics in the service area we operate in. A great alternative to taxi and bus stop advertising, various companies utilize Eco-Rides USA advertisement space to make an impact and differentiate their products or services from other advertisers. With customized vehicle wrap graphic and or dynamic digital video graphics specifically designed for your company, Eco-Rides USA advertising will undoubtedly grab people's attention, and in the most positive and effective way.

Eco-Rides USA advertising displays penetrate through different media formats to reach various types of people when walking on the street, sitting on a patio, driving in their car, and riding in our luxurious Eco-Rides USA passenger vehicles. Similar to taxi and bus shelter ads, Eco-Rides USA ads are highly visible to all age demographics, but on much higher impression rate. This is due to our carts not be speeding or driving erratically down the street, in fact we will be doing exactly the opposite by providing a safe, reliable, and dependent transportation service.

Eco-Rides USA advertising produces high impressions for those businesses and organizations that seek a bold media platform. Eco-Rides USA digital advertising is a relatively new format designed to break through the mold to reach passengers in a captive setting by displaying interactive content specialized to the company’s product and or service. Eco-Rides USA digital ads are great for delivering a :15, :30 or :60 advertising spot to people on the go.

Eco-Rides USA advertising rates are priced competitively when compared to other ad formats - especially when obtained through one of our advertising agencies that offers advertising media packages. Although taxi advertising is the most expensive of all available Mobile advertising, Eco-Rides USA advertising rates are well priced and represented by our service.

Eco-Rides USA is now servicing the Cherry Creek community in Denver Colorado with operating hours of 10am to 10pm seven days a week from 6th Ave. to Cherry Creek North Dr. and from Colorado Blvd. to University.  Eco-Rides USA can guarantee your ad will be displayed during all hours of operation. With Eco-Rides USA specialized advertising software we will provide "proof-of-play" and real time GPS statistics of vehicle daily movement.  We can not only provide stats of your ad placement but give you the weekly, monthly, annually analytics of how many passengers we pick up or drop off at your business, or how many passengers see your ad on a daily basis to show each advertiser an ROI. 


General Information: 

For more specific pricing, please contact an Eco-Rides USA authorized agent for quote and or specific pricing.

Range: Length of the contract and time of the year will determine the monthly rate options

All rates and figures for Eco-Rides USA advertising are contingent on the ads format, timing and market. Advertising availability may vary without notification. Advertising creative work for digital display ads and or vehicle wraps can be provided by Eco-Rides USA for an additional one time Advertisers can provide their own solutions, but must adhere to Eco-Rides USA specifications.  

Eco-Rides USA Digital TV Displays:

:15 spot: range of $200 - $350 per cart and per 4-week period (price range based off length of contract) 
:30 spot: range of $350 - $450 per cart and per 4-week period (price range based off length of contract)  
:60 spot: range of $450- $600 per cart and per 4-week period (price range based off length of contract) 

Eco-Rides USA Full Cart Wrap Ad:

$1,550 - $4,950 per cart and per 4-week period (price range based off length of contract)
Advertising creative artwork, content development, and installation of vehicle wrap materials will be provided by Eco-Rides USA for additional fee's. This service is based off of advertisers budget and assets available to complete the advertising wrap process and installation. 

Government and nonprofit organizations may receive a discount on Eco-Rides USA advertising.

Specifications and Impressions 

Range of impressions or views depend on time of year, market, and ad inventory for the average number of times an Eco-Rides USA ad is seen.

Lead time for digital advertising is based off advertisers assets to complete the specifications for each ad i.e. size, dimensions, and format.
Lead time for a full vehicle wrap is approximately two weeks.  Turnaround time can be reduced based off advertisers assets available.

• Eco-Rides USA Digital TV:
Impressions and Views: 1440 minimum per month 
Size: 640px W by 360px H (16x9) or 256px W by 192px H (4x3). 

• Eco-Rides USA Full Wrap Ad:
Impressions and Views: 300,000 to 500,000 per month 
Size: Varies by advertisers market and specification of creative and content